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BMW E46 M3 Style Hood Dome

BMW E46 M3 Style Hood Dome

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These pieces are made from an original E46 M3 hood meaning they are the exact same shape and size as the dome on an M3!

Each piece will come sanded and primed to take a lot of the work out of making it nice, it will be ready to be molded onto your hood and painted


Detailed video coming soon on how we install them

What is the installation process?

We recommend bonding the piece to your hood with some sort of panel bonding agent, we've used "JB Weld Plastic Bonder" in the past

Then, we apply a small amount of body filler in order to fill the gap and add some strength

After the small bit of added body filler is sanded nice and smooth you can paint the hood to match your car and you're done!

We are also creating a detailed video on how all of this is done very soon so stay tuned

What are they made out of?

The bumps are made from reinforced fiberglass A.K.A. "FRP". However, if you would like yours made from something else we can also make them from carbon fiber if you just email: and let us know

Is the hood dome the same as the one on the E46 M3

Since they are directly molded from an OEM E46 M3 hood they are the exact same shape and size as the M3 hood bumps!

How long is shipping?

As each piece is hand made it may take a couple days to have yours made but as soon as it's shipped you will receive an email notification and it will take 2-8 days from then in the US and a little longer than that if you're out of the states.

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